Hertwich Engineering GmbH, Austria

As a global innovation leader in recycling technology for aluminium scrap and systems in the aluminium industry, quality and innovation is in our DNA. Hertwich Engineering, a company of SMS group, regularly presents new developments and improvements to existing applications and products.

Hertwich Engineering the sole full-range supplier in the field of aluminium casting systems and sustainable recycling technology delivers individually tailored solutions for clients. Starting with charging of scrap to finishing with consistently high quality, homogenized billets, ready for extruding or forging.

The state-of-the-art MELTING TECHNOLOGY developed by Hertwich has revolutionized the industry and convinces customers around the world. Hertwich furnaces stand for

For many years, Hertwich maintains its market share of 90% worldwide with CONTINIOUS HOMOGENIZING PLANTS for extrusion billet and BATCH HOMOGENIZING PLANTS.

Both providing

As leading partner in the world of Aluminium, Hertwich constantly strives to provide even better services and products to make its contribution to environmental protection, conservation of resources and cost efficiency.

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HOESCH Metallurgie GmbH, Germany

HOESCH is the leading partner for the aluminum cast house industry worldwide; providing solutions for alloying and melt treatment as well as metallurgical consulting of highest quality. With its great variety of products and services HOESCH is your partner for tailor made solutions including:

Due to HOESCH-own production facilities, representative offices and partners all over the world, operating as a reliable partner in the aluminium industry on five continents, the HOESCH footprint stands for appropriate solutions, customers satisfaction, quality leadership, flexibility and innovation.

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Hycast AS, Norway

"Game changer within casthouse solutions"

Hycast products are technology and processes for melt treatment and casting of aluminium alloys.

Hycast differentiate themselves from competitors by offering not only separate products, but the whole integrated casting line.

Hycast is a wholly-owned subsidiary by Hydro Aluminium AS, and was started as a spin-off from Hydro's research center at Sunndalsøra. Hycast develop, produce and market casthouse technology for the aluminium industry.

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Wagstaff Inc, USA

Custom DC Casting Systems from Wagstaff

Wagstaff Inc. is a 73-year-old industrial manufacturing company that provides customized, advanced aluminium direct-chill solidification technology to rolling ingot and extrusion billet producers worldwide.

Wagstaff offers:

Wagstaff has delivered more than 1,200 billet systems, 400 ingot casting systems, 250 ShurCast™ Casting Machines and 350 AutoCast™ Automated Casting Control Systems in 58 countries.

Beyond the hardware delivery, first-class customer service is included with every purchase of genuine Wagstaff casting equipment. From on-site start up and refresher training, to workshops held in convenient locations around the world, we are committed to delivering to the right tools at the right time.

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Pyrotek Scandinavia AB, Sweden

Integrated systems and consumables, from the smelter to the foundry.

Pyrotek is a global engineering leader and innovator of performance-improving technical solutions, integrated systems design, and consulting services for customers in the aluminium industry. Pyrotek supports the highest quality aluminium production while reducing overall operating costs and maximizing aluminium producers' profitability.

What Pyrotek offers:

For the Smelter
Pyrotek products can improve plant performance throughout the anode bake furnace to help operators successfully support pot room demand, produce high-quality anodes, minimize fuel consumption, maximize refractory life and maintain a safe work environment.

For the Casthouse
For cleaner metal and more efficient processing, Pyrotek's manufactures engineered systems, equipment, and consumables, from scrap charging to the melting furnace to the casting station. Pyrotek's global network of application engineers and manufacturing plants work with customers to determine the equipment and products that best suit their needs, many of which can be custom designed.

Pyrotek Celebrates 60+ Years of Innovation
When Pyrotek® was founded in 1956 in Spokane, Washington, USA, it manufactured one product: high quality, low cost sewn fibreglass bags for molten aluminium filtration. At the time, the aluminium industry within the USA's Pacific Northwest was robust, with Kaiser Aluminum Corp., Alcoa Inc. and Reynolds Metals Co. plants taking advantage of the region's inexpensive hydroelectric power. Pyrotek soon found it had a niche, expanding its product offerings and strategically opening branches near aluminium plants around the USA.

By the end of the 1960s, Pyrotek had crossed the ocean, entering Australian, Scandinavian, African and other international markets. Today, the company operates more than 80 sales offices, research centres, and manufacturing plants in 35 countries.

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Storvik AS, Norway

Storvik is a global supplier of business-critical equipment & services for the process industry since 1913. Storvik delivers innovative, reliable, and flexible solutions for more sustainable operations through our four main business areas; project and engineering, cast products and consumables, machine building and fabrication and mechanical operations and workshops.

Through Storviks focused business areas they can deliver multidisciplinary solutions, services, and products targeted towards the international aluminium-, ferrosilicon-, hydropower- and oil and gas industry. Through close collaboration with the process industry, the company has built a substantial level of knowledge within maintenance, modification, and EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), as well as supply of cast iron and steel consumables.

Storvik’s head office is located in Sunndalsøra, Norway with immediate vicinity to Hydro Aluminium Sunndal. Today the company has approximately 140 employees. Having worked closely with the aluminium industry since 1952, Storvik has gained a significant understanding and broad competency regarding all processes required at an aluminium plant.

Storvik is established in Norway, Czech Republic, Iceland and the US with their main markets being Europe, Middle East and USA/Canada. In addition to this, Storvik has branch offices in Kristiansund and Mosjøen in Norway.

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Precimeter Control AB, Sweden

The Precimeter Group is continuously growing, developing new solutions and serving customers in the molten metal industry. With more than 25 years of experience within the industry and the highest level of knowledge about molten metal level control - Precimeter is the brand that can be trusted to deliver the solutions you need.

Precimeter specializes in automated level control solutions for molten metal casting processes. All our products are specially designed for the harsh conditions in a cast house environment. We offer our expertise to assist you with system design as well as commissioning.

The Precimeter Group includes offices and production in Sweden (HQ), Germany and USA and a local sales office in China. With representation in more than 35 countries as well, the Precimeter Group offers excellent service and support to its customers worldwide.

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CETAG – Casthouse Engineering and Technology AG, Switzerland

CETAG - Casthouse Engineering and Technology AG of Switzerland is a well established supplier of casthouse process know-how and equipment servicing the worldwide aluminum industry. Our employees gained their in-depth knowledge over decades of being members of the aluminum industry community and offering their services to global customers to improve their processes and equipment. Our focus is not only on a single activity or piece of equipment but on the evaluation and improvement of complex cast house operations.

Casthouse Engineering and Consulting
CETAG provides studies, equipment evaluation reports and services to optimize existing production processes or plants. Examples of our services include preparing a feasibility study for a new casthouse or identifying measures for optimizing operations (e.g. to increase energy efficiency of a melting furnace, dross handling and processing, ...).

Equipment Supply
CETAG supplies various types of melting, holding furnaces and associated equipment. These furnaces are optimized for operator friendly operation, ease of maintenance, low metal losses and to minimize energy consumption.

CETAG is a supplier of the well-established dross cooling technology. This allows for cooling of dross to temperatures around 100ºC within 15 minutes. This quick and gentle process assures that a large portion of the "free" aluminum contained within the dross will be saved from oxidation and available for further recovery. Simultaneously the dross is reduced to a granulate and can be classified into aluminum granulate and fines, allowing for easy handling during further processing.

CETAG offers more than dross cooling technology. Part of our evaluation process involves examining existing equipment and preparing recommendations on how production processes and equipment can be improved to minimize metal loss and the amount of dross created during the melting process.

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Drache Umwelttechnik GmbH, Germany

Since its founding in 1984, Drache offers a wide range of innovative products and equipment for cast houses around the globe.

Drache's product range includes:

All Drache products are "Made in Germany".

The production capacities at Drache's sites in Diez, Germany, have increased continuously since the company was founded. As a global company with subsidiaries in North Carolina, USA and Sharjah, UAE, Drache satisfies customers in more than 50 countries world-wide.

Drache's focus is providing reliable, sustainable solutions in line with the customers' requirements as well as long-term partnerships in order to meet all criteria needed for quality that is made by Drache.

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RIA Cast House Engineering GmbH

Innovative Charging & Skimming

Efficient furnace practices with low-cost production standards, start with automated charging and skimming. Using the right technology enables a significant reduction of energy consumption, minimum cycle times, reduced furnace maintenance and most importantly a safer environment for the operators. RiA has been focusing on the development and manufacturing of charging and skimming equipment since 1997 and in particular, is now focused on innovative automation and process optimization solutions and the safest and most efficient systems possible. RiA charging and skimming machines utilize full artificial intelligence (AI) to make charging and skimming cutting-edge technology, without operator interaction. The latest innovation in skimming is In-Furnace Dross Processing (IFDP), squeezing the dross whilst still in the furnace, releasing liquid aluminium which remains with the bath, increasing recoveries. Recent additions to the product portfolio include Fioscope air-cooled smart In-Furnace cameras and laser bath height measurement systems.

Initially established as a local maintenance service and special equipment supplier for the German aluminium industry, over the last two decades RiA became an important International partner for aluminium remelt cast houses worldwide, now with more than 75 charging and skimming machines supplied to major aluminium companies around the globe. Building on high quality standards and continuous improvement has resulted in the most reliable, robust, maintenance friendly and custom-made furnace tending equipment on the market.

RiA charging machines can charge up to 30 tonnes of material in one push in under two minutes, deep into the furnace and evenly distributed to ensure maximum melt rates. RiA skimming machines can skim, stir, mix and clean the furnace with precise position-controlled contact, hence minimal refractory wear. RiA/Fioscope air cooled cameras allow a view into the furnace 24/7 from a safe location with the door closed. RiA bath height measurement systems allow accurate determination of liquid heels ensuring on spec alloying first time and also prevent short cast rejects. RiA systems achieve the lowest possible operational cost and the safest operating environment for all important stages of the cast house process.

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ALTEK is a technology-based company with specialist expertise and experience in the design, manufacture and installation of equipment and systems for the aluminium cast house. Their innovative technologies focus on environmentally friendly, profitable solutions for the Aluminium Industry. Their engineers have a wealth of international experience in developing and refining solutions to dross and scrap recycling and are a unique process-based skill resource for our worldwide customers.

ALTEK aim to provide the best technology and knowledge, to meet customer needs through a deep understanding of their production processes, operation, equipment and operational cost and profitability requirements.

ALTEK embarked on an ambitious project in 2010, culminating to what is now the most efficient, on-site salt slag recovery plant technology available in the industry. AluSalt™ is ALTEK’s economically viable solution to the global issue of salt slag (salt cake) processing and can be set up locally within a company’s curtilage. The benefits this can provide, operationally and financially, are significant and is a welcomed addition to the aluminium industry.

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Foundry Ecocer s.r.l, Milan, Italy

Born in 2000, FOUNDRY ECOCER is a highly regarded major company in Italy, involved in the production of products and consumables to non-ferrous and Aluminium foundries worldwide. Led by Maurizio Sala (President) and his son Fulvio Sala (CEO), over the years, Foundry Ecocer has constantly expanded its business and skills.

In its factories nearby Milan, Italy – it produces:

In Foundry Ecocer qualified personnel uses the most sophisticated equipment to test the quality of raw materials and final products, in accordance with the rigorous procedures of its Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015. The production plants have been innovated to obtain the maximum constancy and homogeneity of the production batches and they have been continuously improved to provide full respect of the environment.

Since 2018, after the acquisition of an a historic Italian furnaces building company based nearby Milan, Foundry Ecocer Group can design and build all types of furnaces for melting and heat treatment of non-ferrous metals, including single-chamber and double-chamber melting furnaces, holding furnaces, homogenization ovens, rotary furnaces. The Group includes a company specialized in the supply and installation of refractory linings too. Therefore, Foundry Ecocer group is the only one in the world that can satisfy every demand required by foundries, from a technical and commercial point of view.

Our mission

Affirming our economic and market growth characterized by an exceptional attention to environmental sustainability. Our aim is to bring value to the foundry world, thanks to our consolidated position as solutions provider in the large segment of Aluminium and non-ferrous metals. This can be achieved thanks to our production capacity and our know-how in terms of products, equipment and specialized consultancy.

FOUNDRY ECOCER is active in business sector associations: the President Maurizio Sala is the former President of AMAFOND, the Italian national association of foundry suppliers.

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Founded in 1924, OTTO JUNKER GmbH can now look back on 100 years of experience and continous product development.

The company is represented worldwide by subsidiaries, service agencies and sales offices.

The product range includes:

At our foundry in Lammersdorf, we product high-quality sand castings of iron-, nickel- and cobalt-containing materials, both casted and finished. Precision parts for demanding applications are manufactured in the adjacent modern machining department.

The company has been owned by the OTTO JUNKER FOUNDATION since 1982. In accordance with its statutes, the foundation promotes the training of young engineers at RWTH Aachen University and supports research and development in the fields of metallurgy and electrical engineering.

For more information please visit the OTTO JUNKER Website

Nippon Gases Europe

Nippon Gases, one of the leading companies in industrial and medical gases in Europe, is part of Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation, which has over 100 years of experience and a significant presence in Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, the United States, and Canada, operating in 32 countries with more than 19.000 employees worldwide. Together, they are "The Gas Professionals" and share the same goal: "Making life better through gas technology."

Its presence in Europe positions Nippon Gases as a leading company with over 3.000 employees, of which 27% are women, currently operating in 13 countries and serving more than 150.000 customers.

Safety, which is Nippon Gases' top priority, continously improves thanks to the identification of risk factors and behaviours and the observance of its safety principles by all its employees. Nippon Gases' commitment to its customers, employees, partners, and the communities the company operates reflects its dedication to the environment and sustainability.

For more information please visit the Nippon Gases Website

T.T. Tomorrow Technology S.p.A., Italy

T.T. Tomorrow Technology S.p.A. is an engineering company based in North-East of Italy, which designs and realizes equipment and special vehicles for the aluminium industry, tailored on the customer's request, with focus on the cast-house and the carbon sector of the primary aluminium production.

T.T. Tomorrow Technology's over 23-years-experience, its continuous research in new product design and the careful choice of the most efficient and reliable components allow to produce highly effective competitive vehicles and equipment, well-known for their quality, value, efficiency and fast return of investments. The supply of T.T. vehicles have grown more and more up to several hundred units, thanks to the valuable collaboration extended by our customers all around the world.

The Cast House's most requested products are:

The Carbon Sector's most requested products are:

T.T. Tomorrow Technology works on turn-key projects and provides training programs that enable customers to use efficiently the equipment and accurately maintain them, ensuring their highest performance. Furthermore, its after-sale service includes timely remote technical support as well as local maintenance service. All T.T. products are "made in Italy."

For more information please visit the T.T. Tomorrow Technology Website

ZwickRoell - Intelligent Testing, Germany

ZwickRoell is a worldwide leading supplier of materials testing machines. For more than 160 years ZwickRoell has delivered outstanding technical performance, innovation, quality, and reliability in materials and component testing. Our customers trust ZwickRoell for our global leadership in static testing and our significant growth in the field of fatigue testing systems. ZwickRoell in numbers: sales for the fiscal year 2022 totalted EUR 288 million.

ZwickRoell materials testing machines are used in the fields of research & development and quality assurance in more than 20 industries. Our experts have a detailed understanding of the individual requirements of each of these industries and meet your specific testing needs with state-of-the-art solutions.

Products for Metals and Aluminium Testing

All our products are developed and manufactured with the ZwickRoell Group, guaranteeing seamless compatibility of all components, and reliable test results. Our machine portfolio include:

ZwickRoell worldwide

Today, our medium-sized family business is represented by production facilities in Germany, Great Britain, China, Czech Republic and Austria, as well as ZwickRoell subsidiaries and service partners in 50+ countries. The ZwickRoell Group's approximately 1,900 employees continuously work to maintain outstanding technical performance, innovation, quality, and reliability in materials and component testing.

For more information please visit the ZwickRoell Website or the Norwegian ZR Materialtesting AS Website


MQP, formed in 2000, is based in the UK and operates on a global basis through a network of consultants and distributors.

The company's thinking from the beginning has been to develop and introduce innovative technology for casthouses with the overall aim of improving quality and reducing operating costs. Close partnerships with suppliers and key customers have been fundamental to the success of this objective. In 2016, MQP entered into a key partnership with grain refiner and master alloy producer STNM, the latter taking a 70% shareholding in the company. This provides MQP with access to STNM’s state- of- the art manufacturing facility in Boading, China, which now has the capacity to produce over 39,000 tonnes of grain refiners, including up to 16,000 tonnes of Optifine, annually, on a new dedicated casting line which started operating in 2021. To support this, STNM is jointly funding a major R&D programme with BCAST Brunel University London to investigate the fundamental mechanism of nucleation with the objective of optimising the production of high efficiency grain refiners.

Today, MQP is entirely focused on the field of grain refinement of aluminium and its alloys.

Other well established products being supplied to casthouses by MQP for several years are now available from an associated company, Aluminium Casthouse Technology(ACT). These products include:

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